Conjugate Regodearse in Spanish: All Tense, Chart, Practice Test

spanish conjugation of regodearse
In the rich tapestry of the Spanish language, mastering verb conjugations is crucial for effective communication. Among the many verbs, “regodearse” stands out for its unique meaning and usage, often reflecting a sense of indulgence or taking pleasure in something. Understanding how to conjugate “regodearse” in Spanish can significantly enhance one’s ability to express nuanced emotions and reactions in various contexts. This article delves into the intricacies of conjugating “regodearse,” shedding light on its various forms across different tenses and providing learners with the tools needed to use this verb confidently.

Conjugating verbs in Spanish can be a daunting task, especially with reflexive verbs like “regodearse.” However, by breaking down the conjugation process into systematic steps, learners can navigate through the complexities with ease. This guide aims to simplify how to conjugate “regodearse” in Spanish, offering clear explanations and guidelines that cater to both beginners and advanced Spanish speakers.

Emphasizing the importance of practice and application, this article not only instructs readers on the mechanics of conjugation but also encourages the integration of “regodearse” into daily Spanish conversation and writing. Mastery of verb conjugations, including “regodearse,” is key to achieving fluency and eloquence in Spanish. By the end of this guide, readers will possess a deeper understanding and appreciation for the versatility and expressiveness of “regodearse” in the Spanish language.

Regodearse Conjugation Chart in Spanish

Personal Pronoun Presente Pretérito Imperfecto Futuro Condicional Presente Subjuntivo Imperfecto Subjuntivo Imperativo
Yo me regodeo me regodeé me regodeaba me regodearé me regodearía me regodee me regodeara regodéate
te regodeas te regodeaste te regodeabas te regodearás te regodearías te regodees te regodearas regodéate
Él/Ella/Usted se regodea se regodeó se regodeaba se regodeará se regodearía se regodee se regodeara regodéese
Nosotros nos regodeamos nos regodeamos nos regodeábamos nos regodearemos nos regodearíamos nos regodeemos nos regodeáramos regodeémonos
Vosotros os regodeáis os regodeasteis os regodeabais os regodearéis os regodearíais os regodeéis os regodearais regodeaos
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes se regodean se regodearon se regodeaban se regodearán se regodearían se regodeen se regodearan regodéense

Regodearse Conjugation Present Tense – Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me regodeo Yo me regodeo en mis recientes éxitos. I revel in my recent successes.
te regodeas Tú te regodeas en la desgracia ajena. You revel in others’ misfortune.
él/ella se regodea Ella se regodea en su nueva casa. She revels in her new house.
nosotros nos regodeamos Nos regodeamos en los elogios. We revel in the praises.
vosotros os regodeáis Vosotros os regodeáis con el resultado. You revel in the outcome.
ellos/ellas se regodean Ellos se regodean en la victoria. They revel in the victory.

Regodearse Conjugation Present Perfect Tense – Pretérito Perfecto Conjugation Chart

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me he regodeado Me he regodeado con la victoria. I have gloated over the victory.
te has regodeado Te has regodeado escuchando la noticia. You have gloated listening to the news.
él/ella/usted se ha regodeado Se ha regodeado en su éxito inesperado. He/She/It has gloated in his/her/its unexpected success.
nosotros/as nos hemos regodeado Nos hemos regodeado en la desgracia ajena. We have gloated over someone else’s misfortune.
vosotros/as os habéis regodeado Os habéis regodeado con esos comentarios. You all have gloated over those comments.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se han regodeado Se han regodeado tras el fracaso de su rival. They/You all have gloated after their rival’s failure.

Regodearse Conjugation Simple Paste Tense – Pretérito Indefinido

Here’s Regodearse conjugation preterite indefinido:

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo regodeé Me regodeé con la noticia de su éxito. I gloated over the news of his success.
regodeaste Te regodeaste en detalles innecesarios. You reveled in unnecessary details.
él/ella/usted regodeó Se regodeó en su victoria demasiado tiempo. He/she/it/you(formal) reveled in his victory for too long.
nosotros/nosotras regodeamos Nos regodeamos en las memorias del pasado. We reveled in the memories of the past.
vosotros/vosotras regodeasteis Os regodeasteis con la tristeza ajena. You all reveled in the misfortune of others.
ellos/ellas/ustedes regodearon Se regodearon con cada detalle de la historia. They/you all reveled in every detail of the story.

Regodearse Imperfect Conjugation – Pretérito Imperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
(tú) regodéate Regodéate de tu éxito. Delight in your success.
(usted) regodéese Regodéese en sus logros. Take delight in your achievements.
(nosotros/nosotras) regodeémonos Regodeémonos en esta victoria. Let’s revel in this victory.
(vosotros/vosotras) regodeaos Regodeaos en la buena fortuna. Delight in the good fortune.
(ustedes) regodéense Regodéense de sus experiencias. Take delight in your experiences.

Regodearse Conjugation Pluperfect/Past Perfect Tense – Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me había regodeado Antes de tu llegada, yo me había regodeado con la victoria. Before your arrival, I had reveled in the victory.
te habías regodeado Tú te habías regodeado en su desgracia, lo cual fue cruel. You had reveled in their misfortune, which was cruel.
él/ella/usted se había regodeado Él se había regodeado con los detalles del proyecto durante horas. He had reveled in the project’s details for hours.
nosotros/nosotras nos habíamos regodeado Nosotros nos habíamos regodeado en el éxito antes de conocer los problemas. We had reveled in the success before knowing the issues.
vosotros/vosotras os habíais regodeado Vosotros os habíais regodeado en la historia tanto que la olvidasteis. You had reveled in the story so much that you forgot it.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se habían regodeado Ellos se habían regodeado en la idea sin considerar las consecuencias. They had reveled in the idea without considering the consequences.
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Regodearse Conjugation Simple Future Tense – Futuro Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me regodearé Mañana me regodearé con los detalles. Tomorrow, I will revel in the details.
te regodearás Te regodearás contando la historia. You will revel in telling the story.
él/ella/usted se regodeará Se regodeará con su nueva posición. He/She/You (formal) will revel in their new position.
nosotros/nosotras nos regodearemos Nos regodearemos con el éxito del proyecto. We will revel in the project’s success.
vosotros/vosotras os regodearéis Os regodearéis en las playas de Ibiza. You all will revel on the beaches of Ibiza.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se regodearán Se regodearán con los resultados mañana. They/You all (formal) will revel in the results tomorrow.

Regodearse Spanish Conjugation Future Perfect Tense – Futuro Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me habré regodeado Para mañana, me habré regodeado con los resultados. By tomorrow, I will have reveled in the results.
te habrás regodeado Tú te habrás regodeado viendo esa película de nuevo. You will have reveled in watching that movie again.
él/ella se habrá regodeado Él se habrá regodeado con su nueva adquisición. He/She will have reveled in his/her new acquisition.
nosotros nos habremos regodeado Para el viernes, nos habremos regodeado bastante. By Friday, we will have thoroughly reveled.
vosotros os habréis regodeado Vosotros os habréis regodeado en la fiesta, seguro. You all will have reveled in the party, for sure.
ellos/ellas se habrán regodeado Ellos se habrán regodeado con los resultados. They will have reveled in the results.

Regodearse Conjugation Simple Conditional Tense – Condicional Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
Yo me regodearía Yo me regodearía en el éxito de mi equipo. I would revel in my team’s success.
te regodearías Tú te regodearías en tus logros académicos. You would revel in your academic achievements.
Él/Ella se regodearía Él se regodearía con la derrota de su rival. He would revel in his rival’s defeat.
Nosotros nos regodearíamos Nosotros nos regodearíamos en la playa todo el verano. We would revel at the beach all summer long.
Vosotros os regodearíais Vosotros os regodearíais en la gloria del momento. You would revel in the glory of the moment.
Ellos/Ellas se regodearían Ellos se regodearían con las últimas noticias. They would revel in the latest news.

Conjugate Regodearse in Spanish: Conditional Perfect Tense – Condicional Compuesto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me habría regodeado Si hubiera tenido la oportunidad, me habría regodeado en mi éxito. If I had had the chance, I would have reveled in my success.
te habrías regodeado Si hubieras sabido, te habrías regodeado con la noticia. If you had known, you would have reveled in the news.
él/ella se habría regodeado Ella se habría regodeado en la admiración de todos si hubiera ganado. She would have basked in everyone’s admiration had she won.
nosotros nos habríamos regodeado Nos habríamos regodeado en la gloria si hubiéramos logrado nuestro objetivo. We would have reveled in glory if we had achieved our goal.
vosotros os habríais regodeado Os habríais regodeado en el éxito de la fiesta si hubierais asistido. You would have reveled in the party’s success if you had attended.
ellos se habrían regodeado Ellos se habrían regodeado en su triunfo de haber sido posible. They would have reveled in their triumph had it been possible.

Regodearse Conjugation Imperative Tense – Imperativo

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
(tú) regodéate Regodéate de tu éxito. Delight in your success.
(usted) regodéese Regodéese en sus logros. Take delight in your achievements.
(nosotros/nosotras) regodeémonos Regodeémonos en esta victoria. Let’s revel in this victory.
(vosotros/vosotras) regodeaos Regodeaos en la buena fortuna. Delight in the good fortune.
(ustedes) regodéense Regodéense de sus experiencias. Take delight in your experiences.

Regodearse Subjunctive Conjugation

Regodearse Subjunctive Conjugation Present Tense – Subjuntivo Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me regodee Quiero que me regodee en mi éxito. I want to revel in my success.
te regodees Ojalá que te regodees en tu nueva casa. I hope you revel in your new house.
él/ella/usted se regodee Es importante que se regodee en su logro. It’s important that he/she revels in their achievement.
nosotros/nosotras nos regodeemos Espero que nos regodeemos en la victoria. I hope we revel in the victory.
vosotros/vosotras os regodeéis Deseo que os regodeéis durante las vacaciones. I wish that you all revel during the vacation.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se regodeen Es bueno que se regodeen en su felicidad. It’s good for them to revel in their happiness.
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Regodearse Conjugation Present Perfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me haya regodeado Espero que yo me haya regodeado de mis logros. I hope I have delighted in my achievements.
te hayas regodeado Ojalá que tú te hayas regodeado con la noticia. Hopefully, you have reveled in the news.
él/ella se haya regodeado Es bueno que él se haya regodeado con su éxito. It’s good that he has basked in his success.
nosotros/as nos hayamos regodeado Espero que nosotros nos hayamos regodeado de la victoria. I hope we have gloated over the victory.
vosotros/as os hayáis regodeado Quiero que vosotros os hayáis regodeado en la fiesta. I want you guys to have reveled in the party.
ellos/ellas se hayan regodeado Es importante que ellos se hayan regodeado de sus éxitos. It’s important that they have reveled in their successes.

Regodearse Conjugation Imperfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Imperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me regodeara o me regodease Si yo me regodeara en sus éxitos, sería más feliz. If I reveled in their successes, I would be happier.
te regodearas o te regodeases ¿Y si te regodearas un poco en tu propio éxito? What if you reveled a bit in your own success?
él/ella/usted se regodeara o se regodease Me dijo que si se regodeara en la desgracia ajena, se sentiría peor. He told me if he reveled in others’ misfortune, he would feel worse.
nosotros/nosotras nos regodeáramos o nos regodeásemos Si nos regodeáramos en nuestras pequeñas victorias, seríamos más felices. If we reveled in our small victories, we would be happier.
vosotros/vosotras os regodearais o os regodeaseis Si os regodearais en el arte, encontraríais más significado en la vida. If you reveled in art, you would find more meaning in life.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se regodearan o se regodeasen Dijeron que si se regodearan en los detalles, perderían el enfoque. They said if they reveled in the details, they would lose focus.

Regodearse Pluperfect Subjunctive Conjugation – Subjuntivo Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me hubiera regodeado Si me hubiera regodeado en mis éxitos, habría perdido amigos. If I had gloated over my successes, I would have lost friends.
te hubieras regodeado ¿Te hubieras regodeado si hubieras ganado? Would you have gloated if you had won?
él/ella/usted se hubiera regodeado Dudo que se hubiera regodeado, es muy humilde. I doubt he/she/you formal would have gloated, he/she/you is very humble.
nosotros/nosotras nos hubiéramos regodeado Nos hubiéramos regodeado de haber sabido cómo. We would have gloated if we had known how.
vosotros/vosotras os hubierais regodeado Os hubierais regodeado de la sorpresa, estoy seguro. You all would have gloated over the surprise, I’m sure.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se hubieran regodeado Se hubieran regodeado con la victoria, pero perdieron. They/You all formal would have gloated over the victory, but they lost.

Regodearse Conjugation Future Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Futuro

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me regodeare Si yo me regodeare en mis éxitos, no seguiré avanzando. If I bask in my successes, I won’t keep moving forward.
te regodeares Si tú te regodeares en la victoria, perderás amigos. If you gloat over victory, you’ll lose friends.
él/ella se regodeare Si él se regodeare demasiado, será mal visto. If he gloats too much, he’ll be frowned upon.
nosotros nos regodeáremos Si nosotros nos regodeáremos, olvidaremos lo principal. If we gloat, we’ll forget what’s important.
vosotros os regodeareis Si vosotros os regodeareis, perderéis humildad. If you all gloat, you’ll lose humility.
ellos se regodearen Si ellos se regodearen, alguien les bajará los humos. If they gloat, someone will take them down a peg.

Practice Test For Conjugating Regodearse in Spanish

1. Yo __ en mis éxitos sin modestia.

A) regodeo
B) regodeas
C) regodeamos
D) regodean

  1. __ con las desgracias ajenas, lo cual es mal visto.

    A) regodeo
    B) regodeas
    C) regodeamos
    D) regodean

  2. Él se __ en su nueva posición de poder.

    A) regodee
    B) regodeas
    C) regodea
    D) regodean

  3. Nosotros __ en detalles innecesarios durante la reunión.

    A) regodeo
    B) regodeas
    C) regodeamos
    D) regodean

  4. Vosotros __ en la victoria del equipo contrario.

    A) regodeo
    B) regodeáis
    C) regodean
    D) regodeamos

  5. Ellos se __ con cada triunfo que logran.

    A) regodea
    B) regodeas
    C) regodeamos
    D) regodean

  6. Yo me __ frecuentemente en recuerdos del pasado.

    A) regodeaba
    B) regodeabas
    C) regodeábamos
    D) regodeaban

  7. Tú no __ en tus errores, sino que aprendes de ellos.

    A) regodeabas
    B) regodeas
    C) regodeaste
    D) regodearás

  8. Ayer, él se __ con demasiada intensidad en aquel detalle.

    A) regodeaba
    B) regodeó
    C) regodeaste
    D) regodearé

  9. Mañana, nosotros nos __ en la preparación de la comida.

    A) regodearemos
    B) regodeábamos
    C) regodeamos
    D) regodearon

  10. La semana pasada, vosotros os __ demasiado en las críticas.

    A) regodeabais
    B) regodeasteis
    C) regodearéis
    D) regodearon

  11. Si yo me __ en mis logros, es porque trabajo duro.

    A) regodeé
    B) regodeara o regodease
    C) regodearé
    D) regodearía

  12. Si tú te __ en detalles negativos, nunca estarás contento.

    A) regodearas o regodeases
    B) regodeas
    C) regodearás
    D) regodeaste

  13. Espero que él se __ en su nuevo proyecto.

    A) regodee
    B) regodea
    C) regodeaste
    D) regodeará

  14. Queremos que vosotros os __ en lo positivo.

    A) regodeéis
    B) regodeáis
    C) regodearon
    D) regodearéis

  15. Es posible que ellos se __ en sus éxitos demasiado a menudo.

    A) regodean
    B) regodeas
    C) regodeen
    D) regodea

  16. Yo me __ mucho cuando era más joven.

    A) regodeé
    B) regodeaba
    C) regodearé
    D) regodearía

  17. Tú te __ si supieras la verdad.

    A) regodearás
    B) regodeabas
    C) regodearías
    D) regodeaste

  18. Nos habríamos __ en el éxito si lo hubiéramos logrado.

    A) regodeado
    B) regodeamos
    C) regodearíamos
    D) regodea

  19. Ellos se __ sin razón aparente.

    A) regodean
    B) regodeaban
    C) regodearán
    D) regodearían

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1. A) regodeo
2. B) regodeas
3. C) regodea
4. C) regodeamos
5. B) regodeáis
6. D) regodean
7. A) regodeaba
8. A) regodeabas
9. B) regodeó
10. A) regodearemos
11. B) regodeasteis
12. B) regodeara o regodease
13. A) regodearas o regodeases
14. A) regodee
15. A) regodeéis
16. C) regodeen
17. B) regodeaba
18. C) regodearías
19. A) regodeado
20. A) regodean

This definitive guide on how to conjugate regodearse in Spanish is designed for learners at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner eager to master the basics or an advanced learner polishing your grammar, this article is tailored to cover every angle of regodearse conjugation. With a meticulous approach, we’ve distilled key insights into the most searched-for aspects of conjugating ‘regodearse,’ ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the regodearse conjugation present, where you’ll discover how to correctly use regodearse in the present tense, laying the foundation for expressing current actions and states. We then transition into the past with regodearse preterite and regodearse conjugation preterite, guiding you through the nuances of recounting completed actions. For those intricate narratives, regodearse preterite conjugation will sharpen your storytelling, ensuring you convey past events with accuracy.

Venturing into the subjunctive mood, our guide on regodearse subjunctive illuminates how to express desires, doubts, and hypotheticals with regodearse, adding depth to your conversations and writings. And for those looking to master every tense, our sections on regodearse conditional, regodearse imperative, and regodearse infinitive usage will refine your command of Spanish, enabling you to navigate future possibilities, give commands, and utilize regodearse in its most versatile form.

By weaving through these phrases, our article stands as a beacon for learners and educators alike, promising a well-rounded mastery of regodearse. So, whether you’re drafting an email, engaging in conversation, or penning a narrative, let this guide be your trusted companion in conquering the conjugation of “regodearse” across all its forms.

Final Words
Conjugating “regodearse” in Spanish is an essential skill for learners aiming to accurately express feelings of relishing or basking in a particular situation. Mastering the conjugation of this reflective verb enhances one’s ability to communicate complex emotions and experiences with nuance and depth. The journey through its conjugation reveals the richness of Spanish verb forms, demonstrating how verb tenses and moods are used to convey different levels of intention and temporal perspectives.

Understanding how to conjugate “regodearse” in Spanish enables learners to delve into subtler aspects of language, enriching their conversations and writings. It’s not just about knowing the verb forms but also about applying them in context, allowing for more compelling storytelling and description. This knowledge fosters a deeper connection with the language, encouraging learners to explore and appreciate the linguistic intricacies that make Spanish beautifully complex.

Finally, mastering the conjugation of “regodearse” represents a significant step toward fluency for Spanish learners. It’s a testament to the dedication required to grasp the nuances of verb conjugation, marking progress on the linguistic journey. With practice and application, learners can confidently incorporate this verb into their repertoire, elevating their language skills and embracing the full diversity of expression that Spanish offers.

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