Conjugate Predicar in Spanish: All Tense, Chart, Practice Test

spanish conjugation of predicar
Conjugating verbs in Spanish is a fundamental skill for anyone looking to achieve fluency in the language, and “predicar” is a verb that you’ll find indispensable, especially when you’re aiming to express the act of preaching or advocating for a cause. Mastering how to conjugate predicar in Spanish enables you to accurately and effectively communicate a wide range of thoughts and actions related to conveying messages, whether in a religious, social, or personal context. This article aims to guide learners through the intricacies of conjugating this versatile verb across different tenses and moods, ensuring that you can express yourself clearly and correctly in various scenarios.

Understanding how to conjugate predicar in Spanish is crucial because it follows a pattern that is similar to many other -ar verbs but also includes some particularities that deserve attention. By delving into the rules and nuances of conjugation, learners will gain a deeper comprehension of how to manipulate the verb to suit past, present, and future tenses, as well as subjunctive and imperative moods, enriching their conversational and written Spanish.

Finally, this article will serve not only as an instructional guide but also as a resource for those looking to practice and reinforce their knowledge. Learning how to conjugate predicar in Spanish is a step toward more advanced language use, allowing speakers to articulate more complex ideas and engage in meaningful discussions on a variety of topics. With clear explanations and a focus on the practical application of conjugation rules, readers will find themselves better equipped to use “predicar” effectively in their communication.

Predicar Conjugation Chart in Spanish

Here is the conjugation table for the Spanish verb “predicar” following the requested format:

Personal Pronoun Presente Pretérito Imperfecto Futuro Condicional Presente Subjuntivo Imperfecto Subjuntivo (RA) Imperativo
Yo predico prediqué predicaba predicaré predicaría predique predicara predica
predicas predicaste predicabas predicarás predicarías prediques predicaras predica
Él/Ella/Usted predica predicó predicaba predicará predicaría predique predicara predique
Nosotros predicamos predicamos predicábamos predicaremos predicaríamos prediquemos predicáramos prediquemos
Vosotros predicáis predicasteis predicabais predicaréis predicaríais prediquéis predicarais predicad
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes predican predicaron predicaban predicarán predicarían prediquen predicaran prediquen

Please note the following:
– The Imperativo form for “Yo” doesn’t exist as commands are not given in the first person singular.
– The Imperativo positive and negative forms for “Tú”, “Nosotros”, “Vosotros”, and “Ustedes” are the same as the Presente Subjuntivo, except for the “tú” affirmative, which slightly modifies for some verbs (in this case it stays “predica”).
– For the “Imperativo” column, the forms provided are affirmative. For negative commands, you simply use the Presente Subjuntivo forms with a “no” before the verb.

Predicar Conjugation Present Tense – Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo predico Yo predico en la iglesia los domingos. I preach at church on Sundays.
predicas ¿Tú predicas en algún lugar? Do you preach anywhere?
él/ella/usted predica Él predica con pasión. He preaches with passion.
nosotros/as predicamos Nosotros predicamos sobre la bondad. We preach about kindness.
vosotros/as predicáis Vosotros predicáis en la plaza. You all preach in the square.
ellos/ellas/ustedes predican Ellos predican diferentes temas cada semana. They preach different topics every week.

Predicar Conjugation Present Perfect Tense – Pretérito Perfecto Conjugation Chart

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
Yo he predicado Yo he predicado en varias iglesias. I have preached in several churches.
has predicado Tú has predicado un sermón maravilloso. You have preached a wonderful sermon.
Él/Ella ha predicado Él ha predicado desde joven. He has preached since he was young.
Nosotros hemos predicado Nosotros hemos predicado el evangelio. We have preached the gospel.
Vosotros habéis predicado Vosotros habéis predicado con fervor. You have preached with fervor.
Ellos han predicado Ellos han predicado en el extranjero. They have preached abroad.

Predicar Conjugation Simple Paste Tense – Pretérito Indefinido

Here’s Predicar conjugation preterite indefinido:

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo prediqué Ayer yo prediqué sobre la fe. Yesterday I preached about faith.
predicaste Tú predicaste con pasión. You preached with passion.
él/ella/usted predicó Él predicó en la misión local. He preached at the local mission.
nosotros/as predicamos Nosotros predicamos juntos. We preached together.
vosotros/as predicasteis Vosotros predicasteis bien. You (plural) preached well.
ellos/ellas/ustedes predicaron Ellos predicaron el evangelio. They preached the gospel.

Predicar Imperfect Conjugation – Pretérito Imperfecto

Predicar Conjugation Pluperfect/Past Perfect Tense – Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
Yo había predicado Yo ya había predicado antes de las 9. I had already preached before 9.
habías predicado Tú habías predicado cuando ella llegó. You had preached when she arrived.
Él/Ella había predicado Él había predicado en varias ciudades. He had preached in several cities.
Nosotros/as habíamos predicado Nosotros habíamos predicado antes de que empezara a llover. We had preached before it started to rain.
Vosotros/as habíais predicado Vosotros ya habíais predicado esas palabras. You had already preached those words.
Ellos/Ellas habían predicado Ellos habían predicado por toda la región. They had preached throughout the region.

Predicar Conjugation Simple Future Tense – Futuro Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo predicaré Mañana predicaré en la iglesia. Tomorrow I will preach at the church.
predicarás Tú predicarás el evangelio a tus amigos. You will preach the gospel to your friends.
él/ella predicará Él predicará con pasión. He will preach with passion.
nosotros predicaremos Nosotros predicaremos en la plaza. We will preach in the square.
vosotros predicaréis Vosotros predicaréis la verdad. You all will preach the truth.
ellos predicarán Ellos predicarán en diferentes ciudades. They will preach in different cities.

Predicar Spanish Conjugation Future Perfect Tense – Futuro Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo habré predicado Para mañana, yo habré predicado en tres iglesias. By tomorrow, I will have preached in three churches.
habrás predicado Tú habrás predicado antes de que comience la lluvia. You will have preached before the rain starts.
él/ella/usted habrá predicado Ella habrá predicado sobre el amor al prójimo. She will have preached about loving thy neighbor.
nosotros/nosotras habremos predicado Nosotros habremos predicado en varias ciudades. We will have preached in several cities.
vosotros/vosotras habréis predicado Vosotros habréis predicado el evangelio por todo el país. You will have preached the gospel throughout the country.
ellos/ellas/ustedes habrán predicado Ellos habrán predicado antes de la puesta del sol. They will have preached before sunset.

Predicar Conjugation Simple Conditional Tense – Condicional Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo predicaría Yo predicaría en la iglesia. I would preach at the church.
predicarías Tú predicarías mejor con práctica. You would preach better with practice.
él/ella predicaría Él predicaría sobre la fe. He would preach about faith.
nosotros predicaríamos Nosotros predicaríamos juntos. We would preach together.
vosotros predicaríais Vosotros predicaríais en la plaza. You (plural) would preach in the square.
ellos predicarían Ellos predicarían con pasión. They would preach with passion.

Conjugate Predicar in Spanish: Conditional Perfect Tense – Condicional Compuesto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
Yo habría predicado Yo habría predicado más si hubiese tenido tiempo. I would have preached more if I had had the time.
habrías predicado Tú habrías predicado mejor con más práctica. You would have preached better with more practice.
Él/Ella habría predicado Él habría predicado con más pasión. He would have preached with more passion.
Nosotros/as habríamos predicado Nosotros habríamos predicado en la calle. We would have preached on the street.
Vosotros/as habríais predicado Vosotros habríais predicado a más personas. You (plural) would have preached to more people.
Ellos/Ellas habrían predicado Ellos habrían predicado el evangelio completo. They would have preached the full gospel.

Predicar Conjugation Imperative Tense – Imperativo

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
predica Predica la verdad siempre. Always preach the truth.
él/ella/Ud. predique Es importante que predique bien. It’s important that he preaches well.
nosotros prediquemos Prediquemos con el ejemplo. Let’s preach by example.
vosotros predicad Predicad sin miedo. Preach without fear.
ellos/ellas/Uds. prediquen Quiero que prediquen mañana. I want them to preach tomorrow.

Predicar Subjunctive Conjugation

Predicar Subjunctive Conjugation Present Tense – Subjuntivo Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo predique Espero que yo predique con sabiduría. I hope that I preach with wisdom.
prediques Quiero que tú prediques el domingo. I want you to preach on Sunday.
él/ella/usted predique Es importante que él predique con convicción. It’s important that he preaches with conviction.
nosotros/nosotras prediquemos Es necesario que nosotros prediquemos la verdad. It’s necessary that we preach the truth.
vosotros/vosotras prediquéis Espero que vosotros prediquéis con amor. I hope that you all preach with love.
ellos/ellas/ustedes prediquen Ojalá que ellos prediquen con pasión. Hopefully, they preach with passion.
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Predicar Conjugation Present Perfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo haya predicado Me alegro de que yo haya predicado bien la verdad. I am glad that I have preached the truth well.
hayas predicado Espero que tú hayas predicado con pasión. I hope that you have preached with passion.
él/ella/usted haya predicado Es bueno que él haya predicado el mensaje. It’s good that he has preached the message.
nosotros/nosotras hayamos predicado Estoy feliz de que nosotros hayamos predicado juntos. I’m happy that we have preached together.
vosotros/vosotras hayáis predicado Ojalá que vosotros hayáis predicado a muchos. I hope that you all have preached to many.
ellos/ellas/ustedes hayan predicado Es importante que ellos hayan predicado con sinceridad. It’s important that they have preached sincerely.

Predicar Conjugation Imperfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Imperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo predicara Si yo predicara en la iglesia, hablaría de amor. If I preached in the church, I would talk about love.
predicaras Deseaba que tú predicaras a los jóvenes. I wished you would preach to the young people.
él/ella/usted predicara Quería que él predicara con más pasión. I wanted him to preach with more passion.
nosotros/nosotras predicáramos Si nosotros predicáramos más seguido, más gente entendería. If we preached more often, more people would understand.
vosotros/vosotras predicarais Esperaba que vosotros predicarais el domingo. I hoped you guys would preach on Sunday.
ellos/ellas/ustedes predicaran Me sorprendió que ellos predicaran en el parque. It surprised me that they preached in the park.

Predicar Pluperfect Subjunctive Conjugation – Subjuntivo Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo hubiera predicado Si yo hubiera predicado mejor, más personas habrían escuchado. If I had preached better, more people would have listened.
hubieras predicado ¿Crees que si tú hubieras predicado, ellos habrían cambiado de opinión? Do you think if you had preached, they would have changed their mind?
él/ella/usted hubiera/hubiese predicado Ella siempre dijo que si él hubiera predicado, las cosas serían diferentes. She always said that if he had preached, things would be different.
nosotros/nosotras hubiéramos/hubiésemos predicado Nos preguntábamos si nosotros hubiéramos predicado, ¿habría hecho alguna diferencia? We wondered if we had preached, would it have made any difference?
vosotros/vosotras hubierais/hubieseis predicado Si vosotros hubierais predicado con más pasión, más gente se habría sumado a nuestra causa. If you had preached with more passion, more people would have joined our cause.
ellos/ellas/ustedes hubieran/hubiesen predicado Creían que si ellos hubieran predicado antes, el resultado habría sido otro. They believed that if they had preached sooner, the outcome would have been different.

Predicar Conjugation Future Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Futuro

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo predicare Si yo predicare la verdad, me sentiré mejor. If I should preach the truth, I will feel better.
predicares Si tú predicares en la calle, te escucharán. If you should preach in the street, they will listen to you.
él/ella predicare Si él predicare con pasión, ganará seguidores. If he should preach with passion, he will gain followers.
nosotros predicáremos Si nosotros predicáremos mañana, será un éxito. If we should preach tomorrow, it will be a success.
vosotros predicareis Si vosotros predicareis así, os entenderán mejor. If you (plural) should preach like that, they will understand you better.
ellos predicaren Si ellos predicaren en la iglesia, iré a oírlos. If they should preach in the church, I will go to hear them.

Practice Test For Conjugating Predicar in Spanish

1. Yo __ el evangelio cada domingo.

A) predico
B) predicamos
C) predicas
D) predican

  1. __ la verdad a todos tus amigos.

    A) predicas
    B) predicamos
    C) predicáis
    D) predican

  2. Él __ con fervor en la iglesia.

    A) predica
    B) predicas
    C) predicamos
    D) predicáis

  3. Nosotros __ sobre la importancia de la fe.

    A) predicamos
    B) predicas
    C) predica
    D) predicáis

  4. Vosotros __ con pasión a la comunidad.

    A) predicais
    B) predico
    C) predica
    D) predicamos

  5. Ellos __ las buenas nuevas en la plaza.

    A) predican
    B) predicamos
    C) predico
    D) predicáis

  6. Yo ___ en varias ciudades el próximo año.

    A) predicaré
    B) predicarás
    C) predicará
    D) predicarán

  7. __ en la conferencia de jóvenes.

    A) predicarás
    B) predicaré
    C) predicaremos
    D) predicarán

  8. Ella __ en el servicio de Navidad.

    A) predicará
    B) predicarás
    C) predicaré
    D) predicarán

  9. Nosotros __ temas muy importantes pronto.

    A) predicarán
    B) predicaremos
    C) predicarás
    D) predicaré

  10. Vosotros __ en el retiro espiritual sin falta.

    A) predicaréis
    B) predicarán
    C) predicaremos
    D) predicará

  11. Ellos __ en todos los templos de la ciudad.

    A) predicarán
    B) predicaremos
    C) predicaréis
    D) predicará

  12. Yo ___ a mis amigos sobre mis creencias ayer.

    A) predicé
    B) predicaste
    C) predicó
    D) predicaron

  13. __ a tu familia sobre el evento, ¿verdad?

    A) predicaste
    B) prediqué
    C) predicaron
    D) predicó

  14. Ella __ con emoción acerca de su experiencia.

    A) predicó
    B) predicaste
    C) prediqué
    D) predicaron

  15. Nosotros __ en la reunión pequeña la semana pasada.

    A) predicamos
    B) predicasteis
    C) predicaron
    D) prediqué

  16. Vosotros __ muy bien en la última sesión.

    A) predicasteis
    B) prediqué
    C) predicó
    D) predicaron

  17. Ellos __ sus testimonios anoche.

    A) predicaron
    B) prediqué
    C) predicaste
    D) predicó

  18. Yo nunca __ en público antes de esto.

    A) había predicado
    B) había predicado
    C) habíamos predicado
    D) habíais predicado

  19. __ siempre de tu fe abiertamente.

    A) habías predicado
    B) habías predicado
    C) habíamos predicado
    D) habían predicado

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1. A) predico
2. A) predicas
3. A) predica
4. A) predicamos
5. A) predicais
6. A) predican
7. A) predicaré
8. A) predicarás
9. A) predicará
10. B) predicaremos
11. A) predicaréis
12. A) predicarán
13. A) predicé
14. A) predicaste
15. A) predicó
16. A) predicamos
17. A) predicasteis
18. A) predicaron
19. A) había predicado
20. A) habías predicado

This definitive guide on how to conjugate predicar in Spanish is designed for learners at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner eager to master the basics or an advanced learner polishing your grammar, this article is tailored to cover every angle of predicar conjugation. With a meticulous approach, we’ve distilled key insights into the most searched-for aspects of conjugating ‘predicar,’ ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the predicar conjugation present, where you’ll discover how to correctly use predicar in the present tense, laying the foundation for expressing current actions and states. We then transition into the past with predicar preterite and predicar conjugation preterite, guiding you through the nuances of recounting completed actions. For those intricate narratives, predicar preterite conjugation will sharpen your storytelling, ensuring you convey past events with accuracy.

Venturing into the subjunctive mood, our guide on predicar subjunctive illuminates how to express desires, doubts, and hypotheticals with predicar, adding depth to your conversations and writings. And for those looking to master every tense, our sections on predicar conditional, predicar imperative, and predicar infinitive usage will refine your command of Spanish, enabling you to navigate future possibilities, give commands, and utilize predicar in its most versatile form.

By weaving through these phrases, our article stands as a beacon for learners and educators alike, promising a well-rounded mastery of predicar. So, whether you’re drafting an email, engaging in conversation, or penning a narrative, let this guide be your trusted companion in conquering the conjugation of “predicar” across all its forms.

Final Words
The article on how to conjugate predicar in Spanish serves as a comprehensive guide, allowing learners to grasp the complexities involved in modifying this verb across various tenses and moods. Conjugating verbs correctly in Spanish is crucial for clear and effective communication, and predicar, being a regular -ar verb, follows a pattern that can be mapped onto other verbs within the same group, enhancing a student’s overall proficiency in the language.

Understanding the nuances of conjugation, especially with verbs such as predicar which are essential in both written and spoken Spanish, is vital for anyone looking to achieve fluency. This article provides the foundational knowledge necessary to build complex sentences and engage in more sophisticated conversations. The ability to accurately conjugate verbs forms the backbone of learning Spanish, enabling learners to express ideas, thoughts, and actions across different times and settings.

Lastly, the detailed exploration into conjugating predicar in Spanish not only aids in linguistic accuracy but also deepens the learner’s appreciation for the structure and beauty of the Spanish language. Mastery of verb conjugation empowers students to navigate Spanish-speaking environments with confidence, enriching their linguistic journey.

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