Conjugate Percatar in Spanish: All Tense, Chart, Practice Test

spanish conjugation of percatar
Understanding how to conjugate verbs in Spanish is crucial for learners aiming to master the language, and the verb “percatar” is no exception. This verb, which translates to “to notice” or “to realize” in English, is an important one to learn as it’s frequently used in daily conversations and formal writing. The process of conjugating “percatar” involves alterations to its root and endings to correspond with different tenses, numbers, and persons. This article is designed to guide you through how to conjugate “percatar” in Spanish efficiently and effectively.

The conjugation of “percatar” can seem daunting at first due to the various rules that apply depending on the tense (such as present, past, future) and the mood (indicative, subjunctive, imperative) of the sentence. However, once you understand the basic pattern, it becomes much easier to apply it across different contexts. Whether you’re looking to command someone to notice something, to describe your realization of a fact in the past, or to express a future intention of paying attention, mastering the conjugation of “percatar” will significantly enhance your Spanish communication skills.

For students, professionals, or casual learners, knowing how to conjugate “percatar” in Spanish is undeniably beneficial. This article will not only provide the rules and patterns needed for accurate conjugation but also give insights into common mistakes to avoid. With consistent practice and reference to these guidelines, users will find themselves more confident and proficient in using “percatar” in various conversational and written scenarios, thus opening up new avenues for effective communication in Spanish.

Percatar Conjugation Chart in Spanish

Here is the conjugation table for the Spanish verb percatar:

Personal Pronoun Presente Pretérito Imperfecto Futuro Condicional Presente Subjuntivo Imperfecto Subjuntivo Imperativo
Yo me percato me percaté me percataba me percataré me percataría me percate me percatara o me percatase percátate
te percatas te percataste te percatabas te percatarás te percatarías te percatas te percataras o te percatases percátate
Él/Ella/Usted se percata se percató se percataba se percatará se percataría se percate se percatara o se percatase percátese
Nosotros nos percatamos nos percatamos nos percatabamos nos percataríamos nos percataríamos nos percatemos nos percatáramos o nos percatásemos percatémonos
Vosotros os percatáis os percatasteis os percatabais os percataréis os percataríais os percatéis os percatarais o os percataseis percatáos
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes se percatan se percataron se percataban se percatarán se percatarían se percaten se percataran o se percatasen percátense

Please note that the verb “percatar” is commonly used in reflexive form (“percatarse”), so this table is presented in its reflexive conjugation. The imperativo form for “yo” doesn’t exist; “percátate” is provided for “tú” in affirmative, and for “usted,” “vosotros,” and “ustedes,” the imperative is adjusted accordingly. The standard “yo” imperative does not apply as commands are not directed to oneself in typical speech; hence, the reflexive command for “tú” is used as an example.

Percatar Conjugation Present Tense – Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
Yo me percato Yo me percato de los detalles. I notice the details.
te percatas Tú te percatas de lo que pasa. You notice what is happening.
Él/Ella/Usted se percata Él se percata de la situación. He notices the situation.
Nosotros/Nosotras nos percatamos Nosotros nos percatamos del error. We notice the error.
Vosotros/Vosotras os percatais Vosotros os percatais demasiado tarde. You all notice too late.
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes se percatan Ellos se percatan de la diferencia. They notice the difference.

Percatar Conjugation Present Perfect Tense – Pretérito Perfecto Conjugation Chart

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me he percatado Me he percatado del error. I have noticed the mistake.
te has percatado Te has percatado tarde de la verdad. You have noticed the truth late.
él/ella/usted se ha percatado Se ha percatado de nuestra presencia. He/She/You have noticed our presence.
nosotros/nosotras nos hemos percatado Nos hemos percatado del cambio en el plan. We have noticed the change in the plan.
vosotros/vosotras os habéis percatado Os habéis percatado de la diferencia. You (all) have noticed the difference.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se han percatado Se han percatado del problema demasiado tarde. They/You (all) have noticed the problem too late.

Percatar Conjugation Simple Paste Tense – Pretérito Indefinido

Here’s Percatar conjugation preterite indefinido:

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo percaté Ayer me percaté de la diferencia. Yesterday I noticed the difference.
percataste Tú te percataste de mi error antes que yo. You noticed my mistake before I did.
él/ella/usted percató Él se percató de la situación inmediatamente. He noticed the situation immediately.
nosotros/nosotras percatamos Nosotros nos percatamos del cambio en su actitud. We noticed the change in his attitude.
vosotros/vosotras percatasteis Vosotros os percatasteis de la señal de advertencia. You all noticed the warning sign.
ellos/ellas/ustedes percataron Ellos se percataron del error al final del día. They noticed the mistake at the end of the day.
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Percatar Imperfect Conjugation – Pretérito Imperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
(tú) percátate Percátate de los detalles. Notice the details.
(usted) percátese Por favor, percátese de esto. Please, notice this.
(vosotros/vosotras) percatáos Percaos de lo que sucede a vuestro alrededor. Notice what is happening around you.
(ustedes) percátense Percátense de la diferencia. Notice the difference.

Percatar Conjugation Pluperfect/Past Perfect Tense – Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me había percatado Yo me había percatado de su presencia tarde. I had noticed his presence late.
te habías percatado Tú te habías percatado de los errores antes de entregar el trabajo. You had noticed the errors before handing in the work.
él/ella/usted se había percatado Él se había percatado de la diferencia en el tono de la conversación. He had noticed the difference in the conversation’s tone.
nosotros/nosotras nos habíamos percatado Nosotros nos habíamos percatado de la falta de coherencia en el argumento. We had noticed the lack of coherence in the argument.
vosotros/vosotras os habíais percatado Vosotros os habíais percatado de la necesidad de cambiar la estrategia. You all had noticed the need to change the strategy.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se habían percatado Ellos se habían percatado de los cambios en el reglamento. They had noticed the changes in the regulations.

Percatar Conjugation Simple Future Tense – Futuro Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo percataré Yo me percataré de los detalles mañana. I will notice the details tomorrow.
percatarás Tú te percatarás de la diferencia inmediatamente. You will notice the difference immediately.
él/ella/usted percatará Él se percatará de la verdad tarde o temprano. He will notice the truth sooner or later.
nosotros/as percataremos Nosotros nos percataremos de cualquier cambio. We will notice any change.
vosotros/as percataréis Vosotros os percataréis de su ausencia rápidamente. You all will notice his absence quickly.
ellos/ellas/ustedes percatarán Ellos se percatarán de su error eventualmente. They will notice their mistake eventually.

Percatar Spanish Conjugation Future Perfect Tense – Futuro Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me habré percatado Para mañana, ya me habré percatado del error. By tomorrow, I will have noticed the error.
te habrás percatado Para cuando vuelvas, te habrás percatado de ello. By the time you return, you will have noticed it.
él/ella/usted se habrá percatado Para el lunes, se habrá percatado de la noticia. By Monday, he/she/you will have noticed the news.
nosotros/nosotras nos habremos percatado Nos habremos percatado del cambio antes del anochecer. We will have noticed the change before nightfall.
vosotros/vosotras os habréis percatado Para la semana que viene, os habréis percatado de la diferencia. By next week, you all will have noticed the difference.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se habrán percatado Se habrán percatado de mi ausencia antes de que termine el día. They/you all will have noticed my absence before the day is over.

Percatar Conjugation Simple Conditional Tense – Condicional Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me percataría Yo me percataría de la diferencia. I would notice the difference.
te percatarías Tú te percatarías del error al revisar. You would notice the error upon reviewing.
él/ella/usted se percataría Él se percataría del cambio climático. He would notice the climate change.
nosotros/nosotras nos percataríamos Nosotros nos percataríamos del peligro. We would notice the danger.
vosotros/vosotras os percataríais Vosotros os percataríais de la verdad. You all would notice the truth.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se percatarían Ellos se percatarían de la situación. They would notice the situation.

Conjugate Percatar in Spanish: Conditional Perfect Tense – Condicional Compuesto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
Yo me habría percatado Yo me habría percatado de su presencia antes. I would have noticed his presence earlier.
te habrías percatado Tú te habrías percatado de la diferencia inmediatamente. You would have noticed the difference immediately.
Él/Ella se habría percatado Ella se habría percatado de los errores. She would have noticed the mistakes.
Nosotros/as nos habríamos percatado Nosotros nos habríamos percatado de la situación. We would have noticed the situation.
Vosotros/as os habríais percatado Vosotros os habríais percatado del cambio. You all would have noticed the change.
Ellos/Ellas se habrían percatado Ellos se habrían percatado de la verdad tarde o temprano. They would have noticed the truth sooner or later.

Percatar Conjugation Imperative Tense – Imperativo

Percatar Subjunctive Conjugation

Percatar Subjunctive Conjugation Present Tense – Subjuntivo Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo percate Espero que yo me percate de los detalles. I hope I notice the details.
percatas Quiero que tú te percatas de la situación. I want you to notice the situation.
él/ella/usted percata Es importante que él se percata del error. It is important that he notices the mistake.
nosotros/nosotras percamos Nosotros esperamos que nos percamos de las señales. We hope that we notice the signs.
vosotros/vosotras percatais Os sugiero que os percatais de los cambios. I suggest that you all notice the changes.
ellos/ellas/ustedes percotan Deseo que ellos se percotan de la verdad. I wish for them to notice the truth.

Percatar Conjugation Present Perfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me haya percatado Espero que yo me haya percatado del error. I hope that I have noticed the mistake.
te hayas percatado Dudo que tú te hayas percatado de la verdad. I doubt that you have noticed the truth.
él/ella/usted se haya percatado Es posible que él se haya percatado de la situación. It’s possible that he has noticed the situation.
nosotros/as nos hayamos percatado No creo que nosotros nos hayamos percatado del cambio. I don’t think we have noticed the change.
vosotros/as os hayáis percatado Espero que vosotros os hayáis percatado del riesgo. I hope you (pl.) have noticed the risk.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se hayan percatado Es probable que ellos se hayan percatado del error. It’s likely that they have noticed the mistake.

Percatar Conjugation Imperfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Imperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me percatara Ojalá me percatara de su presencia antes. I wish I had noticed his presence earlier.
te percataras Deseaba que tú te percataras del error a tiempo. I wished you had noticed the mistake in time.
él/ella se percatara Si él se percatara del problema, lo solucionaría. If he noticed the problem, he would solve it.
nosotros nos percatáramos Esperábamos que nos percatáramos de la solución. We hoped we would notice the solution.
vosotros os percatarais Si vosotros os percatarais, podríamos empezar. If you guys noticed, we could start.
ellos se percataran Deseaban que ellos se percataran del riesgo. They wished they had noticed the risk.

Percatar Pluperfect Subjunctive Conjugation – Subjuntivo Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me hubiera percatado Si me hubiera percatado del error, lo habría corregido. If I had realized the mistake, I would have corrected it.
te hubieras percatado Ojalá te hubieras percatado de lo que estaban planeando. I wish you had realized what they were planning.
él/ella/usted se hubiera percatado Si él se hubiera percatado de las señales, habría actuado diferente. If he had realized the signs, he would have acted differently.
nosotros/nosotras nos hubiéramos percatado Nos hubiéramos percatado de la verdad si no fuera por las mentiras. We would have realized the truth if not for the lies.
vosotros/vosotras os hubierais percatado Si os hubierais percatado antes, las cosas serían diferentes. If you had realized sooner, things would be different.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se hubieran percatado Ellos se hubieran percatado del error si hubiesen prestado atención. They would have realized the mistake if they had paid attention.

Percatar Conjugation Future Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Futuro

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo percatare Si yo percatare el error, lo corregiré. If I notice the mistake, I will correct it.
percatartes Cuando tú percatartes, quizás sea tarde. When you notice, it might be too late.
él/ella percatare Si él percatare la verdad, cambiaría todo. If he notices the truth, everything would change.
nosotros percatáremos Si nosotros percatáremos el problema… If we notice the problem…
vosotros percatáreis Cuando vosotros percatáreis… When you all notice…
ellos percataren Si ellos percataren los detalles… If they notice the details…

Practice Test For Conjugating Percatar in Spanish

1. Yo me __ de verdad.

A) percata
B) percataba
C) percaté
D) percato

  1. Tú te __ de los errores fácilmente.

    A) percata
    B) percatas
    C) percatábamos
    D) percatan

  2. Él se __ del peligro justo a tiempo.

    A) percató
    B) percata
    C) percatan
    D) percataría

  3. Nosotros nos __ de los cambios en el plan.

    A) percatábamos
    B) percatamos
    C) percataremos
    D) percata

  4. Vosotros os __ siempre de los detalles más mínimos.

    A) percatais
    B) percatáis
    C) percataréis
    D) percatarais

  5. Ellos se __ de la verdad tarde o temprano.

    A) percatarán
    B) percatarían
    C) percatasen
    D) percaten

  6. Yo me __ de la situación antes de actuar.

    A) percate
    B) percaté
    C) percataría
    D) percato

  7. Tú te __ con gran sutileza.

    A) percatarás
    B) percatas
    C) percatábamos
    D) percataste

  8. Él se __ en el último momento.

    A) percataba
    B) percató
    C) percata
    D) percatará

  9. Nosotros nos __ durante la reunión.

    A) percataremos
    B) percatamos
    C) percatábamos
    D) percataríamos

  10. Vosotros os __ sin que nadie os lo tenga que decir.

    A) percatáis
    B) percatéis
    C) percatas
    D) percataréis

  11. Ellos se __ aunque nadie más lo hiciera.

    A) percataron
    B) percataban
    C) percatan
    D) percata

  12. ¿Tú te __ de la importancia de tu decisión?

    A) percatabas
    B) percatas
    C) percatarías
    D) percató

  13. ¿Él se __ por qué nadie le hablaba?

    A) percatará
    B) percata
    C) percató
    D) percataba

  14. Nosotros no nos __ de lo que pasaba a nuestro alrededor.

    A) percatabamos
    B) percatamos
    C) percatábamos
    D) percataríamos

  15. ¿Vosotros os __ cuando cambió la situación?

    A) percataron
    B) percatáis
    C) percatasteis
    D) percataríais

  16. Ellos siempre se __ de las últimas tendencias.

    A) percaten
    B) percatan
    C) percataban
    D) percatarán

  17. Yo me __ de mi error después de hablar contigo.

    A) percataba
    B) percaté
    C) percato
    D) percataré

  18. Tú te __ que había una mejor opción.

    A) percatarás
    B) percatas
    C) percatarías
    D) percató

  19. ¿Él se __ del riesgo que corría?

    A) percató
    B) percataría
    C) percata
    D) percataba

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1. D) percato
2. B) percatas
3. A) percató
4. A) percatábamos
5. B) percatáis
6. A) percatarán
7. B) percaté
8. B) percatas
9. B) percató
10. B) percatamos
11. A) percatáis
12. A) percataron
13. C) percatarías
14. C) percató
15. A) percatabamos
16. C) percatasteis
17. B) percatan
18. B) percaté
19. C) percatarías
20. A) percató

This definitive guide on how to conjugate percatar in Spanish is designed for learners at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner eager to master the basics or an advanced learner polishing your grammar, this article is tailored to cover every angle of percatar conjugation. With a meticulous approach, we’ve distilled key insights into the most searched-for aspects of conjugating ‘percatar,’ ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the percatar conjugation present, where you’ll discover how to correctly use percatar in the present tense, laying the foundation for expressing current actions and states. We then transition into the past with percatar preterite and percatar conjugation preterite, guiding you through the nuances of recounting completed actions. For those intricate narratives, percatar preterite conjugation will sharpen your storytelling, ensuring you convey past events with accuracy.

Venturing into the subjunctive mood, our guide on percatar subjunctive illuminates how to express desires, doubts, and hypotheticals with percatar, adding depth to your conversations and writings. And for those looking to master every tense, our sections on percatar conditional, percatar imperative, and percatar infinitive usage will refine your command of Spanish, enabling you to navigate future possibilities, give commands, and utilize percatar in its most versatile form.

By weaving through these phrases, our article stands as a beacon for learners and educators alike, promising a well-rounded mastery of percatar. So, whether you’re drafting an email, engaging in conversation, or penning a narrative, let this guide be your trusted companion in conquering the conjugation of “percatar” across all its forms.

Final Words
In summary, understanding how to conjugate “percatar” in Spanish is crucial for learners aiming to master the language. This verb, which translates to “to notice” or “to become aware of,” is often used in various contexts, making its conjugation essential for effective communication. By delving into the specifics of conjugating “percatar,” readers can better grasp the nuances of Spanish verb forms and enhance their overall language proficiency.

The article provides a comprehensive guide on the different tenses and moods involved in conjugating “percatar,” giving learners the tools they need to accurately use this verb in conversation and writing. This knowledge not only enables learners to express observations and realizations more fluently but also enriches their vocabulary, allowing for more complex and nuanced expressions in Spanish.

Finally, mastering the conjugation of “percatar” represents a significant step forward in one’s journey to becoming proficient in Spanish. It opens up new avenues for communication, empowering learners to convey thoughts and observations with greater clarity. As a result, those invested in learning Spanish will find that understanding how to conjugate “percatar” enhances their linguistic capability and enables more meaningful interactions in the Spanish-speaking world.

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