Conjugate Incendiarse in Spanish: All Tense, Chart, Practice Test

spanish conjugation of incendiarse
Mastering the art of conjugating verbs in Spanish is a cornerstone in achieving fluency in the language. Among these verbs, reflexive ones, such as “incendiarse”, pose their own unique set of rules and nuances. The term “incendiarse” translates to “to catch fire” or “to set oneself on fire”, embodying a reflexive action that emphasizes the subject performing the action upon itself. Learning how to conjugate incendiarse in Spanish is a step towards grasping these important linguistic structures, enabling learners to effectively convey occurrences and actions that reflect back on the subject.

The process to conjugate incendiarse in Spanish is more than a mere memorization of verb forms; it’s about understanding the different tenses and how they apply to real-life scenarios. Whether it’s discussing a past event, describing a current situation, or planning for the future, knowing the correct form of “incendiarse” enriches communication. This ensures that speakers can accurately express the intensity or immediacy of actions, making their dialogue more engaging and comprehensive.

Moreover, the conjugation of “incendiarse” serves as a fundamental example of reflexive verbs’ role in the Spanish language, showcasing the importance of subject-verb agreement and reflexive pronouns. As learners delve into how to conjugate incendiarse in Spanish, they not only learn about this specific verb but also gain insights into broader grammatical themes. This knowledge is invaluable, providing a solid foundation upon which learners can build their language proficiency, enhancing both their spoken and written Spanish.

Incendiarse Conjugation Chart in Spanish

To create a conjugation table for the reflexive verb “incendiarse” (to catch fire, to be set on fire), I’m translating the given instructions into the necessary verb forms for each tense and person.

Personal Pronoun Presente Pretérito Imperfecto Futuro Condicional Presente Subjuntivo Imperfecto Subjuntivo Imperativo
Yo me incendio me incendié me incendiaba me incendiaré me incendiaría me incendie me incendiara inciéndete
te incendias te incendiaste te incendiabas te incendiarás te incendiarías te incendies te incendiaras inciéndete
Él/Ella/Usted se incendia se incendió se incendiaba se incendiará se incendiaría se incendie se incendiara inciéndase
Nosotros nos incendiamos nos incendiamos nos incendiábamos nos incendiaremos nos incendiaríamos nos incendiemos nos incendiáramos incendiémonos
Vosotros os incendiáis os incendiasteis os incendiabais os incendiaréis os incendiaríais os incendiéis os incendiarais incendiaos
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes se incendian se incendiaron se incendiaban se incendiarán se incendiarían se incendien se incendiaran inciéndanse

Note that the imperative form for “yo” is not applicable, and the usual form for “vosotros” has been provided instead of the “tú” form in the imperative mood. Additionally, reflexive pronouns are adjusted according to the subject for each tense and mood.

Incendiarse Conjugation Present Tense – Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me incendio Yo me incendio con facilidad al sol. I catch fire easily in the sun.
te incendias Tú te incendias con solo un chispa. You catch fire with just a spark.
él/ella/usted se incendia Él se incendia con emoción al hablar. He catches fire with emotion when speaking.
nosotros/nosotras nos incendiamos Nos incendiamos de pasión por el proyecto. We catch fire with passion for the project.
vosotros/vosotras os incendiáis Vosotros os incendiáis en la discusión. You all catch fire in the discussion.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se incendian Ellos se incendian al escuchar música en vivo. They catch fire when listening to live music.

Incendiarse Conjugation Present Perfect Tense – Pretérito Perfecto Conjugation Chart

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me he incendiado Me he incendiado por accidente al encender la fogata. I have caught fire by accident while lighting the bonfire.
te has incendiado ¿Te has incendiado alguna vez cocinando? Have you ever caught fire while cooking?
él/ella/usted se ha incendiado La casa se ha incendiado debido a un cortocircuito. The house has caught fire due to a short circuit.
nosotros/as nos hemos incendiado Nos hemos incendiado en la celebración con las antorchas. We have caught fire during the celebration with torches.
vosotros/as os habéis incendiado ¿Os habéis incendiado alguna vez en una barbacoa? Have you ever caught fire at a barbecue?
ellos/ellas/ustedes se han incendiado Se han incendiado varios coches en el aparcamiento. Several cars have caught fire in the parking lot.

Incendiarse Conjugation Simple Paste Tense – Pretérito Indefinido

Here’s Incendiarse conjugation preterite indefinido:

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me incendié Ayer por la noche me incendié cocinando. Last night I caught fire cooking.
te incendiaste ¿Te incendiaste con la estufa? Did you catch fire with the stove?
él/ella/usted se incendió Ella se incendió accidentalmente. She accidentally caught fire.
nosotros/nosotras nos incendiamos Nos incendiamos durante el experimento. We caught fire during the experiment.
vosotros/vosotras os incendiasteis Os incendiasteis en la fogata. You all caught fire at the bonfire.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se incendiaron Se incendiaron trabajando en el laboratorio. They caught fire working in the lab.

Incendiarse Imperfect Conjugation – Pretérito Imperfecto

Incendiarse Conjugation Pluperfect/Past Perfect Tense – Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me había incendiado Yo me había incendiado justo antes de llegar los bomberos. I had caught fire just before the firefighters arrived.
te habías incendiado Tú te habías incendiado jugando con fuego. You had caught fire playing with fire.
él/ella/usted se había incendiado Él se había incendiado al intentar encender la barbacoa. He had caught fire trying to light the barbecue.
nosotros/nosotras nos habíamos incendiado Nosotros nos habíamos incendiado durante el experimento. We had caught fire during the experiment.
vosotros/vosotras os habíais incendiado Vosotros os habíais incendiado haciendo malabares con antorchas. You had caught fire juggling torches.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se habían incendiado Ellos se habían incendiado antes de saltar al agua. They had caught fire before jumping into the water.

Incendiarse Conjugation Simple Future Tense – Futuro Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me incendiaré Mañana me incendiaré con ese proyecto. Tomorrow I will catch fire with that project.
te incendiarás Tú te incendiarás con la emoción. You will catch fire with the excitement.
él/ella/usted se incendiará Él se incendiará al ver las noticias. He will catch fire upon seeing the news.
nosotros/nosotras nos incendiaremos Nos incendiaremos de pasión por esto. We will catch fire with passion for this.
vosotros/vosotras os incendiaréis Os incendiaréis con la tarea mañana. You will catch fire with the task tomorrow.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se incendiarán Se incendiarán de furia si lo descubren. They will catch fire with fury if they find out.

Incendiarse Spanish Conjugation Future Perfect Tense – Futuro Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me habré incendiado Para mañana, yo me habré incendiado con ese proyecto. By tomorrow, I will have burned myself out with that project.
te habrás incendiado Para cuando llegues, tú te habrás incendiado bajo el sol. By the time you arrive, you will have gotten burned under the sun.
él/ella/usted se habrá incendiado Él se habrá incendiado trabajando en el sol todo el día. He will have gotten burned working in the sun all day.
nosotros/nosotras nos habremos incendiado Para fin de año, nosotros nos habremos incendiado con tanto trabajo. By the end of the year, we will have burned ourselves out with so much work.
vosotros/vosotras os habréis incendiado Para el verano, vosotros os habréis incendiado en la playa sin protección. By summer, you all will have gotten burned on the beach without protection.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se habrán incendiado Ellos se habrán incendiado después de tantas horas al sol sin cuidado. They will have gotten burned after so many hours in the sun without care.

Incendiarse Conjugation Simple Conditional Tense – Condicional Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me incendiaría Si estuviera en esa situación, yo me incendiaría. If I were in that situation, I would catch fire.
te incendiarías Si te acercaras al fuego, te incendiarías. If you approached the fire, you would catch fire.
él/ella/usted se incendiaría Si él se expusiera a las llamas, se incendiaría. If he were exposed to the flames, he would catch fire.
nosotros/as nos incendiaríamos Si jugáramos con fuego, nos incendiaríamos. If we played with fire, we would catch fire.
vosotros/as os incendiaríais Si os mantuvierais cerca del calor intenso, os incendiaríais. If you stayed close to intense heat, you would catch fire.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se incendiarían Si ellos manejaran sustancias inflamables incorrectamente, se incendiarían. If they handled flammable substances incorrectly, they would catch fire.

Conjugate Incendiarse in Spanish: Conditional Perfect Tense – Condicional Compuesto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
Yo me habría incendiado Si hubiera jugado con fuego, me habría incendiado. If I had played with fire, I would have caught fire.
te habrías incendiado Si te acercaras demasiado, te habrías incendiado. If you had gotten too close, you would have caught fire.
Él/Ella se habría incendiado Él se habría incendiado si hubiera sido más imprudente. He would have caught fire if he had been more careless.
Nosotros nos habríamos incendiado Nos habríamos incendiado si continuáramos por ese camino. We would have caught fire if we had continued down that path.
Vosotros os habríais incendiado Os habríais incendiado si no hubieseis apagado el fuego a tiempo. You would have caught fire if you hadn’t put out the fire in time.
Ellos/Ellas se habrían incendiado Se habrían incendiado si la situación se hubiera salido de control. They would have caught fire if the situation had gotten out of control.
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Incendiarse Conjugation Imperative Tense – Imperativo

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
inciéndiate Inciéndiate en pasión por tu arte. Set yourself on fire with passion for your art.
Nosotros incendiémonos Incendiémonos de entusiasmo por el proyecto. Let’s set ourselves on fire with enthusiasm for the project.
Vosotros incendiaos Incendiaos de amor y compasión. Set yourselves on fire with love and compassion.

Incendiarse Subjunctive Conjugation

Incendiarse Subjunctive Conjugation Present Tense – Subjuntivo Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me incendie Espero que no me incendie con la fogata. I hope I don’t catch fire with the bonfire.
te inciendies Ojalá que no te inciendies cocinando. I hope you don’t catch fire while cooking.
él/ella/usted se incendie Es posible que se incendie el bosque. It’s possible that the forest may catch fire.
nosotros/nosotras nos incendiemos No queremos que nos incendiemos con esos fuegos artificiales. We don’t want to catch fire with those fireworks.
vosotros/vosotras os incendiéis Espero que no os incendiéis en la barbacoa. I hope you don’t catch fire at the barbecue.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se incendien Tememos que se incendien los árboles secos. We fear the dry trees might catch fire.

Incendiarse Conjugation Present Perfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me haya incendiado Espero que no me haya incendiado. I hope I have not caught fire.
te hayas incendiado Ojalá que no te hayas incendiado. I hope you have not caught fire.
él/ella/usted se haya incendiado Es terrible que se haya incendiado. It’s terrible that he/she/you (formal) have caught fire.
nosotros/nosotras nos hayamos incendiado No creo que nos hayamos incendiado. I don’t believe we have caught fire.
vosotros/vosotras os hayáis incendiado Espero que no os hayáis incendiado. I hope you all have not caught fire.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se hayan incendiado Es una lástima que se hayan incendiado. It’s a pity that they/you all (formal) have caught fire.

Incendiarse Conjugation Imperfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Imperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me incendiara Si yo me incendiara, pararía, rodaría y saltaría. If I caught fire, I would stop, drop, and roll.
te incendiaras Si te incendiaras, ¿sabrías qué hacer? If you caught fire, would you know what to do?
él/ella/usted se incendiara Temía que se incendiara durante el espectáculo. He/She was afraid of catching fire during the show.
nosotros/nosotras nos incendiáramos Si nos incendiáramos, sería un desastre. If we caught fire, it would be a disaster.
vosotros/vosotras os incendiarais Si os incendiarais, deberíais llamar al 112. If you all caught fire, you should call 112.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se incendiaran Les dije que se incendiaran con cuidado. I told them to catch fire carefully.

Incendiarse Pluperfect Subjunctive Conjugation – Subjuntivo Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me hubiera incendiado Si me hubiera incendiado, habrían llamado a los bomberos. If I had caught fire, they would have called the firemen.
te hubieras incendiado Si te hubieras incendiado, estarías en el hospital. If you had caught fire, you would be in the hospital.
él/ella/usted se hubiera incendiado Si se hubiera incendiado, no podría haber salvado la casa. If he/she/it had caught fire, he/she/it couldn’t have saved the house.
nosotros/nosotras nos hubiéramos incendiado Si nos hubiéramos incendiado, nos habrían atendido rápido. If we had caught fire, we would have been attended to quickly.
vosotros/vosotras os hubierais incendiado Si os hubierais incendiado, habríais necesitado ayuda inmediata. If you all had caught fire, you would have needed immediate help.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se hubieran incendiado Si se hubieran incendiado, todos habrían entrado en pánico. If they had caught fire, everyone would have panicked.

Incendiarse Conjugation Future Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Futuro

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo me incendiere Si me incendiere, llamaría inmediatamente al 911. If I were to catch fire, I would immediately call 911.
te incendieres Si te incendieres, deberías parar, tirarte y rodar. If you were to catch fire, you should stop, drop, and roll.
él/ella/usted se incendiere Si se incendiere la casa, evacuaríamos inmediatamente. If the house were to catch fire, we would evacuate immediately.
nosotros/nosotras nos incendiéremos Si nos incendiéremos, el sistema de aspersores nos salvaría. If we were to catch fire, the sprinkler system would save us.
vosotros/vosotras os incendiareis Si os incendiareis durante el experimento, usaría el extintor. If you all were to catch fire during the experiment, I would use the fire extinguisher.
ellos/ellas/ustedes se incendieren Si se incendieren los documentos, se perdería mucha información. If the documents were to catch fire, a lot of information would be lost.

Practice Test For Conjugating Incendiarse in Spanish

1. Yo me __ ayer mientras cocinaba.

A) incendió
B) incendiaré
C) incendié
D) incendiaba

  1. Tú te __ frecuentemente con la plancha de ropa.

    A) incendias
    B) incendiarás
    C) incendiabas
    D) incendarías

  2. Él se __ al caer al fuego.

    A) incendiará
    B) incendió
    C) incendiaba
    D) incendiaría

  3. Nosotros nos ___ al estar demasiado cerca de la fogata.

    A) incendiaremos
    B) incendiamos
    C) incendiábamos
    D) incendiaríamos

  4. Vosotros os __ con los fuegos artificiales cada año.

    A) incendiáis
    B) incendiasteis
    C) incendiaréis
    D) incendiareis

  5. Ellos se __ cada vez que intentan hacer una barbacoa.

    A) incendian
    B) incendiaban
    C) incendiarían
    D) incendiarán

  6. Yo me __ si toco esa estufa caliente.

    A) incendiaría
    B) incendiaré
    C) incendio
    D) incendiara

  7. Tú te __ el año pasado durante el experimento.

    A) incendiarás
    B) incendiaste
    C) incendiabas
    D) incendiasteis

  8. Él se __ en la ceremonia de velas sin querer.

    A) incendiaba
    B) incendiaría
    C) incendió
    D) incendiará

  9. Nosotros nos __ si seguimos jugando con fuego.

    A) incendiamos
    B) incendiaríamos
    C) incendiaremos
    D) incendiábamos

  10. Vosotros os __ en la fiesta de cumpleaños con las bengalas.

    A) incendiasteis
    B) incendiaréis
    C) incendiareis
    D) incendiáis

  11. Ellos se __ mientras preparaban la fogata.

    A) incendieron
    B) incendiarán
    C) incendiaban
    D) incendiarían

  12. Si yo me __, ¿me ayudarías a apagarme?

    A) incendio
    B) incendiara
    C) incendiare
    D) incendiaría

  13. Cuando tú te __, todos corrimos a ayudarte.

    A) incendiabas
    B) incendiaste
    C) incendiaras
    D) incendiasteis

  14. Si él se __ ahora, sería un desastre.

    A) incendia
    B) incendiera
    C) incendiase
    D) incendiará

  15. Antes de que nosotros nos __, tomaremos precauciones.

    A) incendiemos
    B) incendiáramos
    C) incendiaremos
    D) incendiásemos

  16. Si vosotros os __, ¿quién controlará el fuego?

    A) incendiareis
    B) incendiarais
    C) incendiarias
    D) incendiaríais

  17. Ojalá que ellos no se __ nunca.

    A) incendien
    B) incendieran
    C) incendiesen
    D) incendiaran

  18. Temo que yo me __ cocinando este platillo.

    A) incendie
    B) incendiera
    C) incendiase
    D) incendiará

  19. Es posible que tú te __ con ese aparato defectuoso.

    A) incendias
    B) incendiases
    C) incendieras
    D) incendies

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1. D) incendiaba
2. A) incendias
3. B) incendió
4. B) incendiamos
5. A) incendiáis
6. A) incendian
7. A) incendiaría
8. B) incendiaste
9. C) incendió
10. C) incendiaremos
11. A) incendiasteis
12. A) incendieron
13. B) incendiara
14. B) incendiaste
15. B) incendiera
16. A) incendiemos
17. D) incendiaríais
18. A) incendien
19. A) incendie
20. D) incendies

This definitive guide on how to conjugate incendiarse in Spanish is designed for learners at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner eager to master the basics or an advanced learner polishing your grammar, this article is tailored to cover every angle of incendiarse conjugation. With a meticulous approach, we’ve distilled key insights into the most searched-for aspects of conjugating ‘incendiarse,’ ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the incendiarse conjugation present, where you’ll discover how to correctly use incendiarse in the present tense, laying the foundation for expressing current actions and states. We then transition into the past with incendiarse preterite and incendiarse conjugation preterite, guiding you through the nuances of recounting completed actions. For those intricate narratives, incendiarse preterite conjugation will sharpen your storytelling, ensuring you convey past events with accuracy.

Venturing into the subjunctive mood, our guide on incendiarse subjunctive illuminates how to express desires, doubts, and hypotheticals with incendiarse, adding depth to your conversations and writings. And for those looking to master every tense, our sections on incendiarse conditional, incendiarse imperative, and incendiarse infinitive usage will refine your command of Spanish, enabling you to navigate future possibilities, give commands, and utilize incendiarse in its most versatile form.

By weaving through these phrases, our article stands as a beacon for learners and educators alike, promising a well-rounded mastery of incendiarse. So, whether you’re drafting an email, engaging in conversation, or penning a narrative, let this guide be your trusted companion in conquering the conjugation of “incendiarse” across all its forms.

Final Words
Understanding how to conjugate incendiarse in Spanish is crucial for mastering the nuances of reflexive verbs in the Spanish language. This article has provided an in-depth look at the conjugation process across different tenses, enabling learners to appreciate the complexity and beauty of expressing actions that reflexively affect the subjects. Through methodical explanation, readers are empowered to effectively use incendiarse in various contexts, enhancing their communicative skills and fluency in Spanish.

The importance of mastering verb conjugations, such as incendiarse, cannot be overstated for anyone seeking proficiency in Spanish. It lays a solid foundation for constructing sentences that are both grammatically correct and rich in meaning. With the detailed guide provided, students and language enthusiasts are better equipped to tackle the challenges of reflexive verbs, broadening their linguistic capabilities and opening new avenues for expression within the Spanish language.

In conclusion, the journey through the conjugation of incendiarse in Spanish has been enlightening, not just as a lesson in verb conjugation, but as a stepping stone towards achieving a deeper understanding of Spanish grammatics. This article serves as a valuable resource for learners at various levels, guiding them through the intricacies of reflexive verbs and enhancing their overall command of the Spanish language.

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