Conjugate Aventar in Spanish: All Tense, Chart, Practice Test

spanish conjugation of aventar
Conjugating verbs in Spanish can often seem daunting due to the sheer variety of verb endings, irregularities, and tense structures. One verb that might come across your learning path is “aventar,” which means to throw or to hurl, and it’s an action verb that finds its application in a myriad of contexts. Understanding how to conjugate aventar in Spanish is essential for anyone looking to achieve fluency or simply aiming to enhance their communicative skills in the Spanish language. This article aims to demystify the process, providing a clear guide on the conjugation practices.

Mastering the conjugation of aventar opens up the doors to expressing actions with precision in various tenses, be it past, present, or future. The key to conquering this challenge lies in familiarizing oneself with the conjugation rules that govern regular and irregular verbs in Spanish. Though aventar follows a pattern that might be slightly different from the norm, learning how to conjugate aventar in Spanish is not an insurmountable task. With the right approach and understanding, one can easily integrate this verb into their lexicon.

Delving into the mechanics of conjugation, this article serves as a comprehensive guide designed to navigate learners through the subtleties of using aventar correctly. Whether you are a beginner trying to get a grasp on the basics or an advanced speaker refining your language skills, knowing how to conjugate aventar in Spanish is undoubtedly a valuable asset. Stick around as we explore the conjugation patterns that apply to aventar across different tenses and ensure you are well-equipped to use this verb confidently in your conversations and writings.

Aventar Conjugation Chart in Spanish

Certainly! Here is the conjugation table you requested for the Spanish verb “aventar”:
| Personal Pronoun | Presente | Pretérito | Imperfecto | Futuro | Condicional | Presente Subjuntivo | Imperfecto Subjuntivo | Imperativo |
| Yo | aviento | aventé | aventaba | aventaré| aventaría | aviente | aventara | aventá (rarely used) |
| Tú | aventas | aventaste | aventabas | aventarás| aventarías | avientes | aventaras | avienta |
| Él/Ella/Usted | avienta | aventó | aventaba | aventará| aventaría | aviente | aventara | aviente |
| Nosotros | aventamos | aventamos | aventábamos | aventaremos | aventaríamos | avientemos | aventáramos | avientemos |
| Vosotros | aventáis | aventasteis | aventabais | aventaréis| aventaríais | avientéis | aventarais | aventad |
| Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes | avientan | aventaron | aventaban | aventarán| aventarían | avienten | aventaran | avienten |

Please note that the imperative form “aventá” addressed to “yo” is a rather peculiar case and not commonly used. In conversational and instructional contexts, commands are usually directed towards “tú,” “vosotros,” “usted,” or “ustedes,” with the corresponding imperative forms used accordingly.

Aventar Conjugation Present Tense – Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo aviento Yo siempre aviento la basura afuera. I always throw the trash outside.
aventas ¿Tú aventas bien la pelota? Do you throw the ball well?
él/ella/usted avienta Ella avienta la ropa vieja. She throws away the old clothes.
nosotros/nosotras aventamos Nosotros aventamos el balón con fuerza. We throw the ball with force.
vosotros/vosotras aventáis Vosotros aventáis papeles en clase. You all throw papers in class.
ellos/ellas/ustedes avientan Ellos avientan la comida que no quieren. They throw the food they don’t want.

Aventar Conjugation Present Perfect Tense – Pretérito Perfecto Conjugation Chart

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo he aventado He aventado la pelota lejos. I have thrown the ball far away.
has aventado Has aventado tus oportunidades. You have thrown away your opportunities.
él/ella/usted ha aventado Ha aventado el papel al bote de basura. He/She has thrown the paper into the trash can.
nosotros/nosotras hemos aventado Hemos aventado hojas al viento. We have thrown leaves into the wind.
vosotros/vosotras habéis aventado Habéis aventado el viejo sofá. You have thrown away the old sofa.
ellos/ellas/ustedes han aventado Han aventado piedras al río. They have thrown stones into the river.

Aventar Conjugation Simple Paste Tense – Pretérito Indefinido

Here’s Aventar conjugation preterite indefinido:

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo aventé Ayer yo aventé la pelota. Yesterday I threw the ball.
aventaste Tú aventaste los papeles sin querer. You accidentally threw the papers.
él/ella/usted aventó Él aventó la llave al río. He threw the key into the river.
nosotros/nosotras aventamos Nosotros aventamos la idea al inicio de la reunión. We threw out the idea at the beginning of the meeting.
vosotros/vosotras aventasteis Vosotros aventasteis demasiadas preguntas. You threw too many questions.
ellos/ellas/ustedes aventaron Ellos aventaron la toalla demasiado pronto. They threw in the towel too soon.

Aventar Imperfect Conjugation – Pretérito Imperfecto

Aventar Conjugation Pluperfect/Past Perfect Tense – Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo había aventado Yo ya había aventado el balón antes de caerme. I had already thrown the ball before falling.
habías aventado Tú habías aventado los papeles antes de que llegara. You had thrown the papers away before I arrived.
él/ella había aventado Él había aventado la toalla antes de rendirse. He had thrown in the towel before giving up.
nosotros habíamos aventado Nosotros ya habíamos aventado la basura al salir. We had already thrown away the trash when we left.
vosotros habíais aventado Vosotros habíais aventado demasiadas oportunidades. You had thrown away too many opportunities.
ellos habían aventado Ellos habían aventado sus sombreros al aire en celebración. They had thrown their hats in the air in celebration.

Aventar Conjugation Simple Future Tense – Futuro Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo aventaré Mañana yo aventaré la pelota. Tomorrow I will throw the ball.
aventarás Tú aventarás los dados. You will throw the dice.
él/ella aventará Él aventará la toalla. He will throw the towel.
nosotros aventaremos Nosotros aventaremos confeti. We will throw confetti.
vosotros aventaréis Vosotros aventaréis las hojas. You will throw the leaves.
ellos/ellas aventarán Ellos aventarán el sombrero. They will throw the hat.

Aventar Spanish Conjugation Future Perfect Tense – Futuro Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo habré aventado Para mañana, yo habré aventado la basura. By tomorrow, I will have thrown out the trash.
habrás aventado Tú habrás aventado el balón antes del anochecer. You will have thrown the ball before dusk.
él/ella habrá aventado Él habrá aventado todas las hojas del jardín. He will have thrown all the leaves from the garden.
nosotros habremos aventado Nosotros habremos aventado los papeles innecesarios. We will have thrown away the unnecessary papers.
vosotros habréis aventado Vosotros habréis aventado vuestras preocupaciones. You all will have thrown away your worries.
ellos/ellas habrán aventado Ellos habrán aventado la pelota a la cancha vecina. They will have thrown the ball to the neighboring court.

Aventar Conjugation Simple Conditional Tense – Condicional Simple

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo aventaría Yo aventaría la pelota lejos. I would throw the ball far away.
aventarías ¿Tú aventarías los papeles? Would you throw away the papers?
él/ella/usted aventaría Él aventaría el sombrero al aire. He would throw the hat into the air.
nosotros/nosotras aventaríamos Nosotros aventaríamos la vieja ropa. We would throw away the old clothes.
vosotros/vosotras aventaríais Vosotros aventaríais las semillas. You all would throw the seeds.
ellos/ellas/ustedes aventarían Ellos aventarían las preocupaciones. They would throw away the worries.

Conjugate Aventar in Spanish: Conditional Perfect Tense – Condicional Compuesto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo habría aventado Si hubiera sabido, yo habría aventado la pelota. If I had known, I would have thrown the ball.
habrías aventado Tú habrías aventado mejor si te prepararas. You would have thrown better if you had prepared.
él/ella habría aventado Ella habría aventado la toalla, pero siguió luchando. She would have thrown in the towel, but kept fighting.
nosotros habríamos aventado Nosotros habríamos aventado las viejas cartas. We would have thrown out the old letters.
vosotros habríais aventado Vosotros habríais aventado la oportunidad si no os hubiera convencido. You would have thrown away the opportunity if I hadn’t convinced you.
ellos habrían aventado Ellos habrían aventado sus sombreros al aire al oír la noticia. They would have thrown their hats into the air upon hearing the news.

Aventar Conjugation Imperative Tense – Imperativo

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
(tú) avienta Avienta el balón aquí. Throw the ball here.
(usted) avente Avente la pelota, por favor. Throw the ball, please.
(nosotros/as) aventemos Aventemos las hojas al aire. Let’s throw the leaves into the air.
(vosotros/as) aventad Aventad los papeles al fuego. Throw the papers into the fire.
(ustedes) aventen Aventen las semillas al suelo. Throw the seeds onto the ground.

Aventar Subjunctive Conjugation

Aventar Subjunctive Conjugation Present Tense – Subjuntivo Presente

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo aviente Es importante que yo aviente la pelota correctamente. It is important that I throw the ball correctly.
avientes Me alegra que tú avientes la basura en su lugar. I am glad that you throw the trash in its place.
él/ella/usted aviente Espero que él aviente las flores al aire. I hope he throws the flowers into the air.
nosotros/nosotras avientemos Es necesario que nosotros avientemos las viejas costumbres. It’s necessary that we throw away the old customs.
vosotros/vosotras avientéis Quiero que vosotros avientéis la pelota a la canasta. I want you all to throw the ball into the basket.
ellos/ellas/ustedes avienten Deseo que ellos avienten el balón lo más lejos posible. I wish they throw the ball as far as possible.
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Aventar Conjugation Present Perfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Perfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo haya aventado Es posible que yo haya aventado los papeles. It’s possible that I have thrown the papers.
hayas aventado Espero que tú hayas aventado la pelota. I hope that you have thrown the ball.
él/ella haya aventado Dudo que él haya aventado la toalla. I doubt that he has thrown in the towel.
nosotros hayamos aventado Ojalá que nosotros hayamos aventado las hojas. I wish that we have thrown the leaves.
vosotros hayáis aventado Me alegro de que vosotros hayáis aventado los viejos libros. I’m glad that you guys have thrown the old books.
ellos hayan aventado Es increíble que ellos hayan aventado las flores. It’s incredible that they have thrown the flowers.

Aventar Conjugation Imperfect Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Pretérito Imperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo aventara Si yo aventara la pelota, alcanzaría la meta. If I threw the ball, it would reach the goal.
aventaras Si tú aventaras los papeles, limpiaríamos más rápido. If you threw away the papers, we would clean faster.
él/ella/usted aventara Esperaba que él aventara la toalla al final del partido. I hoped he would throw in the towel at the end of the match.
nosotros/nosotras aventáramos Si nosotros aventáramos la idea, nunca sabríamos si funcionaría. If we threw away the idea, we’d never know if it would work.
vosotros/vosotras aventarais Ojalá vosotros aventarais las dudas y os arriesgarais. I wish you (pl.) would throw away the doubts and take a risk.
ellos/ellas/ustedes aventaran Me sorprendí que ellos aventaran la comida sobrante. I was surprised that they threw away the leftover food.

Aventar Pluperfect Subjunctive Conjugation – Subjuntivo Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo hubiera aventado Si yo hubiera aventado la pelota, habríamos ganado. If I had thrown the ball, we would have won.
hubieras aventado Ojalá tú hubieras aventado la carta antes de salir. I wish you had thrown the letter before leaving.
él/ella/usted hubiera aventado Si él hubiera aventado las llaves, las habríamos encontrado. If he had thrown the keys, we would have found them.
nosotros/nosotras hubiéramos aventado Si nosotros hubiéramos aventado el balón lejos, no lo habríamos perdido. If we had thrown the ball away, we would not have lost it.
vosotros/vosotras hubierais aventado Si vosotros hubierais aventado las semillas, habrían crecido flores. If you had thrown the seeds, flowers would have grown.
ellos/ellas/ustedes hubieran aventado Si ellos hubieran aventado las redes, habrían capturado más peces. If they had thrown the nets, they would have caught more fish.

Aventar Conjugation Future Subjunctive – Subjuntivo Futuro

Pronoun Conjugation Example Sentence English Meaning
yo aventare Si yo aventare la pelota, alcanzará la ventana. If I throw the ball, it will reach the window.
aventares Si tú aventares esa idea, podrían escucharte. If you throw out that idea, they might listen.
él/ella/usted aventare Si él aventare demasiado fuerte, se romperá. If he throws too hard, it will break.
nosotros/nosotras aventáremos Si nosotros aventáremos la toalla, perderemos seguro. If we throw in the towel, we will surely lose.
vosotros/vosotras aventareis Si vosotros aventareis las semillas, crecerán plantas. If you guys throw the seeds, plants will grow.
ellos/ellas/ustedes aventaren Si ellos aventaren sus miedos, lograrán el éxito. If they throw away their fears, they will achieve success.

Practice Test For Conjugating Aventar in Spanish

Practice Test: Conjugating “aventar” in Spanish

  1. Yo __ una piedra al río.

    A) aventamos
    B) aventará
    C) aventé
    D) aventan

  2. __ la pelota muy lejos.

    A) aventaste
    B) aventás
    C) aventaron
    D) aventarás

  3. Él __ un grito de sorpresa.

    A) aventaron
    B) aventará
    C) aventó
    D) aventamos

  4. Nosotros __ flores en la boda.

    A) aventamos
    B) aventasteis
    C) aventaron
    D) aventar

  5. Vosotros __ confeti en la fiesta.

    A) aventad
    B) aventaréis
    C) aventasteis
    D) aventaron

  6. Ellos __ sus sombreros al aire al graduarse.

    A) aventaron
    B) aventamos
    C) aventarás
    D) aventar

  7. Yo __ mi maleta al autobús mañana.

    A) aventaré
    B) avento
    C) aventaba
    D) aventé

  8. __ el papel en la basura siempre.

    A) aventabas
    B) aventaste
    C) aventarías
    D) aventás

  9. Él __ el balón con mucha fuerza.

    A) aventaba
    B) aventó
    C) aventará
    D) aventan

  10. Nosotros __ las cartas al buzón.

    A) aventábamos
    B) aventaremos
    C) aventamos
    D) aventaron

  11. Vosotros __ piedras a la ventana sin querer.

    A) aventasteis
    B) aventaréis
    C) aventabais
    D) aventar

  12. Ellos no __ la toalla, siguieron intentándolo.

    A) aventaron
    B) aventarán
    C) aventan
    D) aventaban

  13. Yo nunca __ nada fuera de mi coche.

    A) avento
    B) aventaré
    C) aventaba
    D) aventé

  14. __ tus preocupaciones hacia mí.

    A) aventarás
    B) aventabas
    C) aventaste
    D) aventarías

  15. Él __ su chaqueta sobre la cama.

    A) aventó
    B) aventar
    C) aventaba
    D) aventará

  16. Nosotros __ viejas historietas a la multitud.

    A) aventaremos
    B) aventamos
    C) aventábamos
    D) aventaron

  17. Vosotros __ demasiados problemas por resolver.

    A) aventaréis
    B) aventasteis
    C) aventáis
    D) aventar

  18. Ellos __ una oferta muy tentadora.

    A) aventarán
    B) aventaron
    C) aventar
    D) aventaban

  19. Yo __ por la ventana cualquier cosa que no necesite.

    A) avento
    B) aventaba
    C) aventaré
    D) aventé

  20. __ con bravura tus ideas en la reunión.

    A) aventaste
    B) aventarás
    C) aventabas
    D) aventarías

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  1. C) aventé
  2. A) aventaste
  3. C) aventó
  4. A) aventamos
  5. C) aventasteis
  6. A) aventaron
  7. A) aventaré
  8. D) aventás
  9. B) aventó
  10. C) aventamos
  11. A) aventasteis
  12. D) aventaban
  13. C) aventaba
  14. A) aventarás
  15. A) aventó
  16. B) aventamos
  17. A) aventaréis
  18. B) aventaron
  19. C) aventaré
  20. A) aventaste

This definitive guide on how to conjugate aventar in Spanish is designed for learners at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner eager to master the basics or an advanced learner polishing your grammar, this article is tailored to cover every angle of aventar conjugation. With a meticulous approach, we’ve distilled key insights into the most searched-for aspects of conjugating ‘aventar,’ ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the aventar conjugation present, where you’ll discover how to correctly use aventar in the present tense, laying the foundation for expressing current actions and states. We then transition into the past with aventar preterite and aventar conjugation preterite, guiding you through the nuances of recounting completed actions. For those intricate narratives, aventar preterite conjugation will sharpen your storytelling, ensuring you convey past events with accuracy.

Venturing into the subjunctive mood, our guide on aventar subjunctive illuminates how to express desires, doubts, and hypotheticals with aventar, adding depth to your conversations and writings. And for those looking to master every tense, our sections on aventar conditional, aventar imperative, and aventar infinitive usage will refine your command of Spanish, enabling you to navigate future possibilities, give commands, and utilize aventar in its most versatile form.

By weaving through these phrases, our article stands as a beacon for learners and educators alike, promising a well-rounded mastery of aventar. So, whether you’re drafting an email, engaging in conversation, or penning a narrative, let this guide be your trusted companion in conquering the conjugation of “aventar” across all its forms.

Final Words
In this article, we’ve delved into the intricacies involved when you conjugate aventar in Spanish, shedding light on its various forms across tenses that are pivotal for anyone seeking to master the language. The act of conjugating verbs is fundamental, and aventar, with its diverse applications and nuances, serves as a perfect example of the depth and richness of Spanish verb conjugation.

Understanding how to conjugate aventar in Spanish is not just about memorizing forms; it’s about unlocking the ability to express action and intention fluently in a myriad of contexts. This mastery is essential for learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers, as it directly impacts their capability to communicate effectively and with precision. The journey through the verb’s different aspects and tenses is a testament to the vibrancy of the Spanish language and its verb conjugation system.

Conclusively, this exploration into the conjugation of aventar offers a window into the broader world of Spanish verb conjugation. It highlights the importance of paying attention to verb forms and their correct usage, which are critical in achieving fluency and articulating thoughts and ideas seamlessly in Spanish. Through dedicated practice and immersion in the language’s structure, learners can transcend basic communication, embracing the full expressive potential Spanish offers.

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